Thursday, 7 November 2013

The many battles of sleep!

Its 3.15am
This has been a really bad week for me.
I've been in a flare up all this week.
My legs are burning. My arms are burning and hypersensitive.
My back is aching and I cant seem to get comfortable :(
My muscle spasms/tremors/twitches are getting worse.
I have successfully thrown or dropped phone more than half a dozen times today from these spasms.
I'm waiting a trial procedure next week...and I'm only on gabapentin...
I've had some people be very rude and selfish towards me.
I've had some wonderful friends reach out to me...
I've had to find more things to keep me distracted - thankfully I have plenty of photography videos to watch!
I've have gotten to know more amazing people in the crps support group on Facebook im a part of.
I've smiled and laughed :)
And I've cried in pain, frustration and sadness just as much :(

But...I continue to keep my head high enough to feel the wind! I am a CRPS Warrior...