Thursday, 26 February 2015

CRPS & Rare Disease Day!

Saturday, February 28, is Rare Disease Day!!!

While CRPS is becoming more known around the medical world, it is a complex condition as it name suggests and it is still not well known at all by the general public, especially in Australia. This still leads to long durations of no diagnosis, missing the crucial first 6months to get help, as people get passed from doctor to doctor, usually being told "its all in your head" or "we dont know whats wrong, lets do more tests" and for some people its taken YEARS to get that diagnosis - I was lucky I got a diagnosis in 10months! The quicker people get a diagnosis, the quicker they can receive medical help! I never knew about CRPS until it was suggested by my orthopedic surgeon after months and months of frustrating hospital visits, tests and no answers as to why I was in so much severe nerve pain and the swelling, skin discolourations, temperate changes and the change in movement of my leg. So the more you share, the more people might be able to reach help earlier!!

So many people within Australia and around the world, suffer from a rare disease. It may be something they are born with or develop as a child or something they have from adulthood, either way, spreading awareness is the key to helping MORE people to get diagnosed quicker!!! Organisations like the website below promoting rare disease day in Australia is a great way of getting the message out! People get to share their stories and organisations like the Steve Waugh Foundation are getting involved and helping those in need! Take a look through the website and see what is being done to spread the awareness and help with Rare Diseases/Medical Conditions!

So on Saturday, February 28th, please think about sharing on the website to help reach out to more people who may be suffering from a rare disease or know someone who is!!! Awareness and support goes a long way!!!

Cheers, Kate