Monday, 30 September 2013

A little bit more about pain

Tonight, I was alerted to by friends to watch a Documentary on SBS called "The Secret World of Pain" - while turning over at last minuet to discover the documentary - it was definitely worth it!! While it doesn't touch on chronic pain until halfway through, it was absolutely intriguing to watch and learn from. Learning about the genetics behind pain, behind the brain works, the fascination of the unknown when it comes to chronic pain and what causes it, as well as how the body reacts to it and process it...if you're interested in taking a look, please take a look into a little bit of the painful side of our world! But very interesting to see whether or not that new trial treatment provides a long term relief for pain sufferers...will be following with keen interest!

I've had a bad flare up today, keeping me between bed and the lounge, exhuasted and in a lot of pain. Days of pain scores not going below an 8 are tough, especially when your legs are burning hot, with no way to cool them down. I've been doing a lot of more of my physio GMI tests to help with my brain retraining and it seems to be causing more pain and more extreme changes in the temperatures of my leg especially and causing temperature changes in my right leg too :( One minute its burning hot, then next so stone cold its purple! But at 1.30am, its a long way to go to sleep when you're in so much pain and your legs burning :( This is extremely frustrating while trying to stick to such a strict regime (5-10mins of tests every hour) and getting so many negative side effects from it. But I have improved on my reaction times and my accuracy, so that's one plus!!

I find music relaxing and calming, especially country music and acoustic music, so here's a favourite I've found - she is very talented!!

I've not written much in the last month. I've had a lot of different medical appointments, to the point of 3-4 a week, and I've had a close hospitalization again. I still need to sit down and write my story one day, until then I plan to start spreading the word of this blog to try and reach more :)

I've also started planning an awareness photo idea for CRPS to spread awareness of this disease and to help others! I have a gift with photography, so I need to do something with it! Still in planning, but I'm getting there!

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  1. Hi Kate,
    Amazing Documentary "The Secret World of Pain" I did not know it was on last night... Thanks for putting on your blog.. I really like your blog and it is amazing that you are voicing your experience, this also helps in healing.. Praying that God will heal this pain, seek Him... "My grace is sufficient for you, for my paoer is made perfect in weakness." 1 Corinthians 12:9. My favourite song when I am feeling down...